DRAGΩSSIDO is a word formed by Dragon + oxide: fantasy and science come together in the omega infinity.
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Who I am

Antonio Gargiulo by www.dragossido.com

Hello, my name is Antonio, I was born in July 1976 and is a pleasure to see you on this site where I hope you come back often with pleasure.


What I do

The main part is to write

I started writing for fun around 1987 and is now for me the way I put my being a on paper to share it to the people and to the wole world.


Why choose me

You can find here many things

I use art to sort words in poems, I write stories and books, I illustrate scientific research and theory, I talk about alternative energy and projects.




I have been silent for nearly two weeks to organize something.


Not everyone knows that from 1999 until 2005 I have collaborate and worked together with the animation staff il lotations scattered around the Mediterranean as a technical sound and lighting (or like propely definition: lighting and sound designer). The technical sound and lighting is the person within the holiday parks (or touristic villages) that deals with the music piped into the hotels during the day and at night driving and draws light and sound show in the theater, in the small villages there is only one person who occuopa is everything, but in large there may also be two or three.

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New communication, but without feelings



Some say that this is the age of communication and all speak and write. It is an age of social where you share a thought, a picture, a video and some even share poems. In many share without even understanding the meaning of what they share and so it happens to read the quotes of very important person on message boards of people who have never opened a book written by the author is talking about and almost certainly do not even know who is he and what he done and there is also some people who go beyond sharing poems with naked bodies that have absolutely no connection between them.

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Ideal city mechanism



How does the ideal city mechanism?

Suppose that a city must arrange seven streets... then publishes this need through the information media. The construction companies have their cost estimates and The City Council among all the companies, selects seven.

As expected from my project which involves various committees, in this case, the supercommittees of structural and adjustments will draw the road and the company will have to deal with it. The seven companies will have good opportunity to demonstrate in this way to be of good companies, showing their logos on the street that they are dealing with and all the citizens will be able to choose which company to entrust the Rebuilding of personal home.

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