In 1992, with the purchase of the “Double you-Who’s fooling who” vinyl, when I was just 16, I started my career as a DJ. 1995 1996 1997 three competitions in top 3 positions. 1998 Sound engineer and DJ on radio. 1999 DJ at the Acquarius disco club and sound engineer, at the Knossor Royal Village, […]


DRAGOSSIDO ACADEMY LIMITED is Parties Organiser and School of Performing and we do lessons as parties, lessons during parties and parties as lessons. Do you have a group of friend or colleagues/employees and you don’t know what to do? You are in the right place because we organise corporate events, conferences, parties, birthday, hen parties, stag parties […]

The Pumparapippi – I Cartozzi

Comic comics made with paper The Pumparapippi in italian are “I Cartozzi” Thick white paper, a pencil, a scissors and tip colouring pens to create the characters and objects; A photo of the characters resting on a black background and then adding the talk with the pc to create “The Pumparapippi”

Antonio Dragossido

Attore, Actor, Artista, Artist, Scrittore, Writer, Sceneggiatore, Screenwriter, Performer, Balloon modeling