Still confused


I worked a lot on my return bringing back all my passions and skills in one place and now that I have finished the work. I don’t know yet where to start with this website and blog.

Image from Isorepublic

In the while I was thinking, I managed to complete one of my many ideas left poised for over seven or eight months and I still have two or three in the balance.

Now here I am, attentive and I rate … I evaluate whether really worth writing … that frankly I expected some appreciation more to post on my way back through the “Like” on the Facebook profile. Instead, what has aroused interest is the fact that I rewrote the script of several films (including Notting Hills, Ghostbusters, Spaceball, A Bug’s Life and many others) in the stage version … but the bad news is that I can not find the scripts, even though I have the cD ready for the show.

What to say? Boh!

I feel a bit like Wall-e in the eponymous film, intently gazing at the stars and dream while debris accumulation of debris or trash on garbage.

I would like to talk about energy; of my research as the exchange of energy and matter between the bodies; induction of frequency that I have already mentioned fruently in my treatise on the “Misteri dei misteri”; the structural organization of a city like in my project of an ideal city.

The point is that I don’t know where to start and the fact that i have get more like for my theater rewrites rather than for important issues such as energy, research and structural organization, makes me think that people are more likely to shit than to concrete things that can improve the lives and I apologize for the word “likely”. Hahaha!