I am back, writer of nothing, trying to write something


I am an AC power writer trying to order shapeless words in sequences of titillating hunger; when my reader can be nourished and twinkle like fireflies stars, When he had enough of my art can discover his emotions

Antonio Dragossido

Image from Isorepublic

I am back to my website and blog, a website that two years ago, he turned twenty, a site done before in html, then in php plus blog into splinder and now finally with drupal in one place. Last year I tried to divide by topic but I can not separate things.

I’m a writer, poet, screenwriter, playwright, stage director and moviemaker director; I am a technical sound and lighting and DJ; I am the developer of websites, servers, NAS and network networks; I am trained in business management, economics, human resource management, guest relations and public relations; I attended master’s degree in communications, market research, marketing on paper and on the web …. I am this and much more …


I started writing for fun when I was 11 for girls of which I fell in love and on the diaries of my classmates until, it was my classmate and good friend that prompted me to write something important and so in 1993 I began my first book.

It’s 23 years now, and I find myself with more than 350 blog posts, 4 books, 2 short stories, several national and international awards, a subject and a script ready to be staged, and almost half a wardrobe full of notes, phrases, research and scripts and other half wardrobe of disks and cd shows.


My worst fault is that maybe I’m a very curious person, who watches every facet of the world around me, I read a lot, but not the classic book, because only sometime I go to comb through the library. I also read the mood and character of the people, their movements, their attitudes and I can understand soon if a person is sick. I get distracted more often even when I search something, reading two or three other things that have nothing in common what I’m really searching. I cherish my mind with a voracity that feeds the greed itself to become even more hungry for knowledge.

And so, while all the others are focused on one thing and those who started after me to write has already reached great results, I’m still standing there at the start … as in the game of Monopoly i am still with the dice in hand … just i am like that from the last 23 years.


When I started writing, I had been a little affected by reading Jules Verne and Isaac Asimov. Millions of people took to Professor Otto and his grandson Alex Lidenbrook at the center of the earth or were trapped under the ice and the octopus in Captain Nemo’s company. I wanted with my writing describe and to do things to the characters and, in fact then, I also wrote my subject and my script … I always want to pick up the others on stage and teach them the best of what to do, how to move, what to say … as a director.

Of course I could publish marketing books, php, drupal, html, SEO, blogs, sites, business management, economics, and more tomorrow, but even if the technologies change, the rules were those of first advertisements in the newspapers and then I let others do, to enjoy their moment of glory. I have no delusions of leadership or leading syndrome or stage to give and give lectures; I write to get it done at other actor on stage or in front of the camera.

I like to be the director and not the protagonist and I just want to divulge my thoughts, my scientific research, political and social.

That is why I still have not decided which direction will take the post, but I hope you can all follow me and read me.