The Pumparapippi – I Cartozzi


Comic comics made with paper

The Pumparapippi in italian are “I Cartozzi”

Thick white paper, a pencil, a scissors and tip colouring pens to create the characters and objects; A photo of the characters resting on a black background and then adding the talk with the pc to create “The Pumparapippi”

The Pumparapippi 0004 -Baby shark

Baby shark Content not available because copyright on the "Baby shark" song ...
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The Pumparapippi 0003

Third video episode in English by I Cartozzi (version 2.0)Creation, ideation, texts and editing by Antonio GargiuloMusic by Andrea Michele VincentiIn ...
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The Pumparapippi 0001 and 0002

Cartozzo> Hello, How are you? I am fine Thank you! Cartozza> You dont give me the time to answer! — ...
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0001 I CARTOZZI 2.0


Pubblicato da Cartozzi – Pumparapippi su Domenica 18 novembre 2018