The ant And ideal city


What is the most fastest animal? Of course answer come the cheetah.

What is the strongest animal? Answer comes from the lion.

And in your opinion what is the most organized animal?

Image by Roman Grac from Pixabay

No matter what will be the answer because it will wrong and in none of the cases never even found early even for intelligence. However, we are animals and living things that predominate and try to control and deceive nature.

Since childhood we have learned to see without looking; to hear without listening; to touch without feeling; to taste without taste and smell dividing between pleasant and unpleasant. We measure the weight, distance, capacity and time, giving the agreements to them.

None of these things are certainties, but only relative to us and to our habit of putting humans at the center of everything, but we do not see as ultraviolet and infrared, and we can not hear ultrasound. In addition we measure days and years according to the movements of the earth and we think that a life expectancy of around 80 years is satisfactory … but there are animals that live much longer, for exemple parrots, and others who live only three days, type the flies.

Einstein brought a major revolution: there is no time, time and space are relative only to those who live that. If you put a man sitting on a hot stove for five minutes, it will seem to be gone half an hour; but if you put a man for half an hour in company of a woman, it will seem to have passed only five minutes. If a 80-year old woman who is hard by the holding a shopping bag from of a kilo, will seem that you have given an envelope by a ton; but if by the shopping bag from a Kilo to a bodybuilder, it will seem that you have given him a two-gram bag.

Precisely for this reason, the strongest animal and the more organized is the ant.

An ant raises ten times its weight and is organized in colonies; each ant in the colony has its role and there are differences, but they are together and work together for the welfare of the entire colony, and of each individual ant.

From this concept stems the principle of ideal city.

The ideal city has ancient origin with Plato and his principles are often confused and branded as communist principles. It is true that there are many things in common between the ideal city and communism, but the ideal city is a principle in itself very simple.

Each city has its own things to do in roads, pipes, artistic, etc … and every day there are so many things to fix that often not even enough all citizens of the City and these things are handled by a single company through tender process and often this company fails leaving things halfway.

Now, my idea is this: But if instead of giving to a single company, we give all these things to all companies that can cooperate and make a decent way?