Ideal city mechanism


How does the ideal city mechanism?

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Suppose that a city must arrange seven streets… then publishes this need through the information media. The construction companies have their cost estimates and The City Council among all the companies, selects seven.

As expected from my project which involves various committees, in this case, the supercommittees of structural and adjustments will draw the road and the company will have to deal with it. The seven companies will have good opportunity to demonstrate in this way to be of good companies, showing their logos on the street that they are dealing with and all the citizens will be able to choose which company to entrust the Rebuilding of personal home.

My idea has nothing to do with communism, completly nothing, but it is a true real competition under the view of all, and this can really encourage to do good streets, because if citizen see yhat a road is made like a hell, he will never call that company.

We must also not forget that every company has its employees and this will give a lot of work to street restaurants and bars affected by the works and therefore money circulation.

If you like my idea, let me talk to your mayor or your entire City Council to show it.

What happens and what changes if a city adopts my idea of ​​an ideal city?

You too! yeah right you! You that are reading now! You will be contacted by your City to bring your resume CV and your skill set, after which will be established various committees and you coulb be in one of them.


PART OF THE PROJECT Paragraph 3 – Implementation Project phases.

  1. Prepare a room within the City Center or close to it, where give birth to the venue of the project led by my person.
  2. Receive the power to access to the office of the Registry, the Office of the Land Registry and the Office of Employment.
  3. Purchase and set up three powerful computers interconnected in which to place databases and processing of the surveys carried out territory.
  4. Recruit seven employees and unemployed people or among former municipal employees with good computer skills and three school-leavers or graduates for analysis and control of the land directly to create the “ideal city Supercommittees”
  5. I will be the single point of contact and responsible Supercommittees.
  6. Each recruited within the Supercommittees can be fired at any moment when acting as opposed to equal opportunities or the continuous or prolonged absence from the assigned role and following a demonstrable violation, non-compliance or absence.
  7. Creating a registry database. In the registry database, it will summon all the citizens of City and province to collect over the personal data also cultural and professional experiences; in particular, every citizen will be asked for the type of degree, the certificates, master or internships performed, the positions held in the past and the present and in particular whether if it is currently employed, unemployed, or part-time.
  8. Creating cadastral database. Gather all information regarding the buildings in the area, and those owned by the municipality that private ones. Prepare a report on how they are used housing units, but especially if they are used and in what conditions.
  9. Intertwining the land registry data with personal, and not convening experts from all sectors: crafts (goldsmiths, carpenters, carvers, tailors, blacksmiths, etc.); art (sculpture, painting, poetry, literature, etc.); show business (directors, set designers, choreographers, designers, musicians, etc.); Science (school administrators, scientists, researchers, physicists, chemists, computer scientists, etc.).
  10. Following the meeting of experts from various fields, explain to them the peristituire mode and create respectively the “Commission On examination Entertainment and Culture”, the “Commission Traditions and Artisans” and “Commission’s Research and Development” following rules and modalities laid down paragraphs 4, 5 and 6.
  11. On any initiative that produces income, it will be applied a deduction for the city, total and never above, the thirty-five percent (35%) in order to cover the costs, in order to invest in other initiatives and structural adjustments referred in paragraph 7. The remaining sixty-five percent (65%) will be distributed equally to the committees and all the participants of the initiatives in the manner provided for in paragraphs 4, 5 and 6.
  12. Promote the handicrafts and objects handmade by master carpenters and carvers to the blacksmiths, goldsmiths and tailors of traditional costumes, to recall the tourism throughout the year and create schools where they protect and teach the tradition and the manufacturing art.
  13. The research center will buy from time to time the next-generation appliances, unmount them piece by piece, will study them and improve them and play them a longer life and the possibility to add updates with the electronic cards and then sell them to the rest of ‘Italy and Europe. the eserch center will study, and link up with the hospital, medicines and effective medicines to cure rapidly citizens.
  14. Call up all emigrants and give them a little space to resurrect the City up to produce handicrafts, manufacturing, excellent electronic and pharmaceutical demand in Italy and in the world.
  15. Prepare and invest all units of the collection and treatment of rainwater into drinking water and solar panels and in particular capable of accumulating water and enough energy to supply the whole city.
  16. Buy respectively and the water and power company to make it become the property of the people and free.