Poetry: I have the blood of volcano lava



I have the blood of volcano lava

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Welcome Miss

I warned you well:

I have my blood boiling

like lava from a volcano,

but you came anyway.

You are here, now, at the entrance,

at door you looks tiny,

you look at me with eyes lost.

Do not hesitate, try to enter

but enters without entering

doubtful and questioning,

but with firm and furtively.

Log in my den.

Two steps and the door closes.

A kiss and then another,

then I stop and look.

Run away if you want!

Runs away!

You still have time!

Stay up and smile at me?

Other kisses and even kisses,

then my blood boils,

flames of unbridled lust,

feed as well as a volcano

and the blood is lava.

Your clothes on the floor

mountains plains and caves,

fawns free look at me pink buttons,

free, turned and vivid.

My hands are bold

armies to conquer

in every nook and corner,

of all treasure and gem,

of every single skin

she is wet to the touch,

you go into lightly me,

I enter in you bully

and I catch the mighty.

Thought sweating

flow drops and heartbeats

and my intense breaths and yours,

rhythmic, well-defined and lunge,

rhythmic slow and fast shots

interspersed and intertwined,

wrap up with changes

chills and total satisfaction.

uncontrollable burning passion

It feeds and becomes more hungry

and this is just a prelude.

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