Sentient robots and singularity


Now then, let’s see … Who remembers this robot?

Probably it is a very difficult question for those who have less than 20 or even 25 years, but I can certainly say that it is also for those who have my age or who is even bigger. I confess, in fact, that I had put this robot into oblivion, even if, as a boy, I tried to record it with the VCR a lot of times without success.

For the younger generation, it is necessary to specify that the VCR was an electronic gizmo with which it was possible to record to a VHS tape a specific TV program (films, TV series, quiz …) by programming the switching on and off at certain times, or registering what was on the TV screen … a sort of great-grandfather of current digital recorders, except that instead of saving on a hard disk (which is able to accommodate a hundred or a thousand movies), it recorded on a support such as magnetic tape and to have 100 movies was necessary to provide an appropriate library.

Find the movie was a bit tricky, despite having been a “cult” and a true legend of the 90’s. Robotics was just taking the first steps in the industry, controlled by very powerful computers at the time, but currently they would not be able even to reach a quarter of the capacity of a simple phone or tablet that we all possess.

This means that just a simple mobile phone can control a whole factory, or the entire Apollo 11 mission to the moon, and the moon (but no one has ever tried again, we are all so intent to suspect each other that we do not observe even more stars and then … in fact it is slightly complicated to produce homemade missile of Wernher Von Braun, the famous Nazi criminal forgiven and funded by NASA, without suspecting that you’re building a weapon of mass destruction … especially if under your home there’s oil, although there are only three glasses of oil, it is absolutely forbidden to build anything that even remotely resembles a missile or a bomb), or a highly sophisticated robot.

The film in question, the robot comes alive as a result of a short circuit. Come on, just you have not yet figured out what movie I’m talking about? Too bad, because the film tries his way to point the finger at those who are calls “singularity”, already mentioned earlier by genes or crazy visionaries like Isaac Asimov and Stanley Kubrick; the first with “I Robot” and the second with the film “2001: A Space Odyssey”.

Isaac Asimov talks about different singularities in the books, which have affected certain robots that are not behaving exactly like all the others. Hall 9000 (next picture) of “2001: A Space Odyssey” takes the singular gift of fear and nastiness; after committing an error for the first time as a result of which nobody longer trusts him, for fear of being disabled and removed from control task, assume a hostile attitude towards the crew of the spaceship trying to eliminate it.

For mathematical definition, a singularity indicates a point at which a function or surface degenerates and loses some of the properties that they enjoy other general points; for instance by adding 2 plus 2 the result is usually 4, but occasionally happens a singularity for which 2 plus 2 does not result in 4 and is instead 3.9 or 4.1 or even 40 or even -100.

For definition of physics, a singularity is a point at which occurs a mathematical singularity of the equations due to a geometrical discontinuity and that is, while in the other points occur all known physical theories, in these points occur shortly phenomena calculable (only via approximate calculations ) or completely unknown.

The singularity is for scientists an event that does not follow the conventional rules; what positive people define extraordinary and exceptional event or an opportunity and the pessimists define abnormal event and poor or bad luck.

The movie Wall-e back once again on the scene the singularity with the robot of the same name intent to pile waste that suddenly become curious creating its singularity to collect objects that is scattered in the trash.

Just like in mathematics, physics and nature occur singularities, with the advent of robotics we must to consider that a singularity could really happen.

One day robots will be able to have feelings and to understand, speak, reason, and perhaps even to love; one day it will happen that singularity that eludes the rules of nature, physics, mathematics, and science …

Sometimes I feel just like Wall-e because I have always been curious and I remember when I started to disassemble and reassemble the first stereo to see what was inside and curiosity I have not yet passed.

I can say that I have already studied a pair of robotic manual and now I miss practice what I have learned … I have some ideas on the subject of which we still do not want to talk, but I leave you a video of a really interesting site.