The Pumparapippi 0003

Third video episode in English by I Cartozzi (version 2.0)
Creation, ideation, texts and editing by Antonio Gargiulo
Music by Andrea Michele Vincenti
In this episode we will know if it is better the side of the light, or the dark side and we will know who is the best superhero

Cartozzo> Hallo, how are you? I am fine thank you!

Batmanozzo> Pumparapippi!

Cartozzo> Cool! Do you know Pumparapippi?

Batmanozzo> Everyone knows Pumparapippi! — More Than Peppa Pig!

Cartozzo> Are you Batman?

Batmanozzo> No! I am Bat- pumparapippi!

Cartozzo> Of course! — And what you Prefer? Dark side or light side of pumparapippi?

Batmanozzo> Light side! Of Course!

Cartozzo> I prefer dark side!

Batmanozzo> Why?

Cartozzo> Because with the light side, you need to pay the electricity bill!

Batmanozzo> A yes, Sure! And they send you also Bill Gates as gift?

Cartozzo> May be a Pumparapippi!

Batmanozzo> I am a Superhero!

Cartozzo> Cool! What is your superpower?

Batmanozzo> I have a lot of money and I can buy all the items that would never buy anyone on Amazon and Ebay!

Cartozzo> Pumparapippi! I am better than you!

Batmanozzo> I do not belive you!

Cartozzo> I am even better than NASA!

Batmanozzo> Exagerated! Why?

Cartozzo> Because i found water on Mars! and I’ll show you the picture!